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meet emma

Hi, I'm Emma. A twenty-something year old from New York that one day decided she wanted to be her own boss, and did it. Ever since I was a kid I've been creating, whether it be making jewelry out of tiles I found at a flea market or designing gowns for Jen's non-existent wedding to Brad, my mind never stopped. Fast forward to now, after grinding in the corporate world for eight years, I realized maybe we're all just destined to do what lit our world on fire as kids — so we can be kids again. 

Starting my own company was always an idea I had and would talk up to whoever would listen after one too many cocktails on Friday night, but jakoväl was born when my grandfather passed away this past October. When someone gives you the greatest gift of creativity and imagination, you don't let that go to waste. So I decided to take all the things I'm good at, all the gifts he gave me, and offer them to the world in a pretty little package I call jakoväl. So next time you go to plan a party or post a TikTok, decide if you want it to be better than your last then call me up.

Let me get creative for you. 


Alo Yoga | OUAI Haircare | MeUndies | Barry's Bootcamp | Highline Wellness 

Logan Hollowell | Major Food Group  | Free People | Liquidity Financial

The 'Quin House Boston | Outstanding Foods | ZZ's Members Club | Heritage On The Garden Kabata Fitness | SESH Life | Mario Russo Salon 

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